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Submission Deadline: August 2, 2009

Second Call for Papers!

January 11-13, 2010
New Orleans, LA, USA

This 10th Topical Meeting on Silicon Monolithic Integrated Circuits in RF Systems (SiRF2010) continues to be the only conference devoted to Si-based devices, passives, integrated circuits, and applications for high- frequency systems. Over three days, papers and sessions will highlight the significant technological advances of this dynamic field, as well as provide a unique forum for the presentation of new ideas and candid exchange on emerging challenges and opportunities. Invited tutorial talks from international experts will be presented in key topical areas. A student paper competition will be held, and prizes will be given at the conference banquet.

SiRF is part of the IEEE Radio and Wireless Week (RWW), which also includes Radio and Wireless Symposium (RWS) and the Power Amplifier Symposium (PAS).

Technical papers are solicited in the following areas, but all papers related to Si-based RF systems are welcome:

      Materials: Epitaxy, strain engineering, characterization, stability issues, smart materials.

      Devices: Physics, optimization, and scaling limits of SiGe HBTs, RF-CMOS, SOI CMOS, strained-Si CMOS, SiGe MOSFETs, Si-based MODFETs, mm-wave diodes, RF CNT devices.

      IC Technologies: Novel device structures, HBT and CMOS integration issues, heterogeneous integration, interconnects, fabrication on high-resistivity Si and SOI, packaging issues, IC on polymer/ paper.

      Circuits: Microwave and mm-wave building blocks, integrated transceivers, high-speed DAC and ADC, analog/mixed-signal circuit blocks, RF sensors, RF powermeters, RF biosensors.

      Passives: Inductors, capacitors, thin film resistors, transmission lines, integrated antennas, transformers.

      MEMS/NEMS: RF MEMS, micro-machining for improved passives, integration with Si-based circuits.

      Reliability Issues: Yield and reliability concerns in high-frequency Si-based circuits, signal isolation issues, interference, substrate noise, RF impedance mismatch robustness, cooling architecture.

      Measurement and Modeling: Multi-physics modeling, electromagnetic simulation of complex RF systems, robust measurement and de-embedding techniques, methods of built-in-self-test and built-in-self-calibration, correlation of high-frequency parameters with easy-to-measure DC/AC parameters.

      Applications: system-on-a-chip (SoC) and system-in-a-package (SiP) solutions for mm-wave sub-systems and systems, integration of Si-based photonic elements with electronic circuits, UWB architecture, RFI, wireless sensor architectures, health monitoring, medical diagnostics.

      Nanoscale microwave: Nano (CNT, nanowire, dots, graphene)-, quantum-, Multi Gigabit optical-, and THz materials, devices and circuits.

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Jan. 11-13, 2010




New Orleans, LA













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